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Welcome to Ados Sightcare

We are an Optometric Consultancy that provide a range of services including:

We provide VDU, Safety and general workplace eyecare. We perform this function on-site in the workplace. This is to enable you the employer to meet with Health and Safety requirements at a minimum cost both financial and time wise.

Providing NHS GOS Additional Services i.e. home sight testing and nursing home/residential home sight testing.

Providing Optometric Advice to NHS bodies such as Area Teams and Clinical Commissioning Groups

Why ADOS Sightcare


The company liaison will arrange the sight tests. All the required paperwork is supplied by our Opticians onsite.

Cost Control

We will audit spectacle orders to ensure only glasses prescribed for VDU use are supplied through your company eyecare system. A summary of which employees require such will be made available to the employer if required.


We offer flexible invoicing, customised to your requirements

Management Information

We can provide regular statistics and management information detailing the uptake and cost of the service.

Added Benefits

The on-site set up is similar to a high street practice, where patients are dispensed with VDU spectacles and if they opt to choose their private spectacles from Ados Sightcare Ltd there is a wide range of frames available at discounted prices.

A one stop shop making corporate eyecare easy for you.

Corporate Eye Care

This is occupational eye care and is popular with all sizes of companies. This method cuts down on the amount of time an employee is away from their work station which is the largest single hidden cost when supplying eye care.

Site visits can be arranged up to three months in advance.

We provide a sight test right in your workplace.

Spectacles are delivered and fitted back at work.

We also supply general purpose spectacles and your employee can select from a fantastic range of frames at a very competitive price.

Ados Sightcare Ltd can solve all eyecare needs in the workplace, specialising in the provision of VDU and Safety eyecare. Our aim is to provide simple managed eyecare solutions, customised to company requirements, controlling costs and complying with current Health and Safety legislation.

As Opticians dedicated to eyecare in the workplace we use our knowledge and experience to work with our clients to find the best solution to their needs.

Ados Sightcare Ltd is run by Ashif Dhanani an optometrist with over 15 years’ experience and specialising in Corporate Eyecare for over 10 years.

The company is based in Birmingham and so can cover a wide area of the country. We can supply VDU, safety and general workplace eyecare to clients nationwide. We can send one of our mobile testing teams to your workplace for on-site testing.

We can provide specialist colour vision testing as well and would be happy to discuss requirements with you.

VDU Regulations

Since the introduction of the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992, eyecare for VDU users has is required to be provided by employers in accordance with regulation 5 of the Display Screen Equipment Regulations. (Please click here for information on the regulations)

Throughout England and Wales, Ados Sightcare Ltd can offer simple, hassle free, solutions to manage VDU eyecare. We can test your employees on-site in the workplace to save you time and money.

Call Centres

With the high-pressure and unique demands placed on call centre staff, organisations have realised that the provision of eyecare both as a HSE legislative requirement and as an employee healthcare benefit can be costly and logistically difficult. Phone coverage is crucial, working hours can be awkward or unsociable, and the work environment can be stressful.

Nonetheless, employers are beginning to realise the importance of encouraging and providing good eyecare to their call centre staff. Employers recognise that call centre staff work in a stressful environment and are often staring at a VDU all day long. Add to that the Eyecare Trusts recent survey results indicating that 63% of UK office workers admit to regularly leaving work with a terrible headache and 1-in-10 employees say they are sure they need glasses but have yet to get their eyes tested. Call centre management quickly see the importance of finding a good corporate eyecare solution that meets their unusual demands.

By bringing opticians into the workplace:

  • Employee down-time is reduced (thus phone coverage is not compromised) by employees not having to leave the workplace to get their eyes tested.
  • It puts a small break in the otherwise stressful and difficult working day.
  • It demonstrates to staff that employers care about their health and wellbeing,
  • It encourages employees to look after their eyes, ultimately reducing stress levels and sickness absence, thereby increasing overall productivity.

Safety Glasses

We are able to provide a reliable, fast, efficient service complete from sight test to delivery.

All safety glasses are accredited with BS EN ISO 9002: 1994, we provide spectacles to BS EN166: 1996 with all products being CE marked.

In addition to our safety range we can also supply specialist frames such as those required for respirators or breathing apparatus. If you have any specific requirements contact us.

NHS Sight Tests at home

We can provide NHS sight tests to people (provided that they are eligible) who are housebound. This may be in individual homes, nursing homes and residential homes. Please contact us if you require any of these services.